debtor tracing to get the payments you are owed

For many businesses, April is the time to take stock as the financial year begins anew. Identifying budgets for the forthcoming 12 months, analysing profits and understanding where savings may need to be made is all part of evaluating the financial state of play.

It’s also a good time to identify where you have outstanding debtors who owe you money – as recovering this asap can make the difference between all of your plans for the coming year. It’s not always straightforward though, with debtors sometimes going into hiding or trying to cover their tracks to avoid paying bills.

Here at EJM Investigations we’re experienced in helping businesses of various sizes in tracking down elusive debtors to help you balance your books. We employ a wide range of skills from tracing movements and history, to surveillance and interviewing to help recover the monies you are owed.

No-trace, no-fee debtor tracing

Now of course we understand that you don’t want to spend money to recover money, which is why we’re very fair in the fees that we charge. We have different options to suit your needs, depending on the work involved, including a no-trace, no-fee option that can begin under £100. If we can’t find the debtor and present you the information needed to secure your money we won’t charge a fee.

If you feel that more work is needed between reports, you can set your spending limit to ensure you’re never losing money trying to recover debt. We’ll always work with you to give you the best service at a reasonable cost. If you are struggling to recover money from your debtors, why not give us a call on 01772 334700 to see how our services could help you boost your coffers in time for the new financial year.

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