Serving Non-molestation Orders

If you’ve been faced with the reality of domestic violence or abuse, it takes bravery and courage to speak up and escape that situation. Once you’ve taken action, you need to know that the protections are properly in place to keep you safe in future.

If you’ve got hold of a non-molestation order, you can ensure that the person that abused you can no longer do certain things. You can make sure that they don’t come near you, threaten you or contact you again.

Process serving for non-molestation orders

Once you have the protection of a non-molestation order, it is vitally important that it reaches the person that abused you. It’s a top priority for them to find out the restrictions that they are now facing. This is where a process server comes in.

A process server must get this crucial document to the right recipient. They will hand it over in person, so there’s no doubt that the perpetrator has seen the non-molestation order. This ensures that the courts can enforce the order, knowing it’s been seen, and can punish the perpetrator of abuse for breaking the terms if they do.

What a process server does

For non-molestation orders, a process server must directly deliver the documents. They shouldn’t post them through a letterbox, or they’ll risk the respondent claiming that they haven’t seen them. Professional process servers offer face-to-face delivery, making sure that the documents have been seen and acknowledged. It’s this important action that keeps you safe by ensuring that the courts can act.

A statement of service must be prepared, to show that the respondent has received the documents in person. This is another vitally important step, as the statement of service can be used in court as evidence in a future case. If the perpetrator chooses to break their new rules, it’s this document that shows they were aware of the order and knew that they were going against it. The statement of service must make it clear how the process server knew that they’d given the documents to the correct respondent.

We at EJM Investigations have process servers that are ready for this responsibility, with the experience and knowledge to make sure that the order reaches the person it’s intended for.

Process serving for non-molestation orders

At EJM Investigations, we take process serving very seriously. That’s especially important with non-molestation orders, where the documents we’re serving are there to protect your safety.

You need to know that the documents served will reach the right person quickly. You need fast and effective process serving, and you need the job done by a professional. You need someone that knows the importance of a well-written statement of service, so you can be sure that the court can protect you if anything happens again.

If you require professional process serving for a non-molestation order, then you can speak to us for details about how we’ll make sure we reach the respondent. Contact EJM Investigations on 01772 334700.