Our detective can help prevent or detect equipment theft with corporate surveillance

The modern workplace, whether an office, a factory or a tradesman’s van, is often filled with vital equipment, much of which can be specialist in nature. And specialist equals expensive. Which is why, when this equipment is stolen by an employee with access to it, it can cause a lot of problems for the company.

Perhaps not so much for large businesses. They have comprehensive insurance policies, or just the capital to absorb the loss. They also have extensive security to prevent equipment theft. Yet for smaller or medium-sized businesses, those losses cannot be sustained and it’s even more important to find out who is guilty of taking equipment.

Also, even advanced CCTV systems can’t cover everything. And that’s assuming your business has one of these in place. How do businesses without this tech cope when vital equipment starts going missing? You’ll get a crime number from the police, of course, but their resources are so stretched that the chances they can actually help are slim to nil. But a private investigator may be just the answer you need.

A PI can provide surveillance to track employees you may be suspicious of, or just to keep tabs on a part of your business that may be vulnerable to theft. Or they can gather evidence against someone if you reach trial stage and need help securing a guilty verdict. In extreme circumstances you may even hire one to go undercover, to work for you and build relationships with employees to find out who is likely to be the thief. A private investigator can be a vital, and often affordable, way to secure your equipment and ensure you can operate as normal.

At EJM Investigations we offer a number of corporate services, from helping with equipment theft to background checks during company mergers, tracing debtors and more. Call today on 01772 334700 to see how we can help you.

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