mental health and how missing persons can affect it
mental health and how missing persons can affect it

The modern world has seen an increased focus on mental health. It’s a hot topic, as we try to understand what causes people to have mental health issues, and become more understanding and sensitive when trying to help.

An unfortunately common result of mental health issues such as stress and anxiety is when someone disappears. Running away from home is usually thought of as something only children too, but adults sometimes cannot cope and need to escape from their routine, due to the overwhelming pressures they’re facing.

When this happens, their family will of course be distraught, and want to find them as soon as possible. And while social media can help spread the message, and the police will help as much as their resource permits, you may still end up concerned that a family member will be hard to find and bring home – the world is a big place.

So why not consider the help of a private investigator? Any reliable, reputable PI will be discreet and caring, ensuring only to use appropriate methods to help you find lost friends and family members, without exacerbating the situation. The person being tracked won’t know, and therefore won’t feel the pressure of being found – we’ll just do everything to put you in touch with them, so you can speak to them in the best way.

When a family member goes missing, it can be a stressful time, and the last thing you want to do is add money worries to that. Which is why we’ll never act in a way that we think is unnecessary, nor will we do anything without agreeing our services with you first. We can help you find missing relatives or friends without you needing to break the bank.

If someone you know is having a hard time and has gone missing, give us a call at EJM Investigations on 01772 334700 to see how we can help.