Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to log into Facebook without seeing mention of a missing person. Some of these people are recently missing – runaway teenagers or older people that haven’t returned home – and others have been missing for much longer.

It’s not uncommon to see a post from someone asking to find their birth mother when they’re middle-aged themselves, or a status from the police asking for information about the family of a baby that has been found in the street. Each tale is a tragedy and by sharing the details you might be helping people to get a little bit closer to the truth – who knows if you’re friends with someone that knows the location of a missing person? – but is Facebook the best way to find someone?

The Inefficiency of the Search

Posting on Facebook will quickly result in many responses and ‘shares’. That can be great news. If you’re concerned about a missing person’s wellbeing, then it can be hugely uplifting to see that so many others also care enough to help you with your search. Unfortunately, with this comes a downside – thousands and thousands of comments to search through, from complete strangers with no valuable information of their own. It’s your hope that someone will have a key piece of information, but how much speculation must you look through to find out if it’s there?

Checking the Story

If you’re the one considering sharing a post about a missing person, it’s important that you check the story before you share the status.

Being sceptical is wise.

Can you be sure that a post about a ‘missing person’ hasn’t been created by an abusive ex whose partner has escaped the situation? Could you inadvertently be helping that abusive person to find their victim again? There are certainly risks involved, and you need to be completely sure that you’re helping out in a real search and not connecting someone with a person that they shouldn’t really be connected with.

People that Want to Stay Lost

If you’re looking for a missing person, can you be sure that if they see the status you’d ever know that they had? A private investigator can connect with a missing person to find out if they want to be found, and can inform you if that isn’t the case. If a family member is avoiding discovery then you may find that no amount of status sharing will encourage them to get in touch, and you won’t get that closure if you don’t even know that they’ve seen your heartfelt message.

Finding a missing person is a complicated task that involves skill and evidence, but also contains a lot of real and raw emotion. Leave the task in the hands of professionals, and call EJM Investigations for private investigation services in Preston on 01772 334 700.