Finding Fathers
Finding Fathers

June is popular for a number of events, and is a month that is usually a happy one – it’s considered the start of summer with the solstice, and people tend to be either jetting off on holiday or getting close to, with the schools wrapping up in about a month’s time. And one landmark day that happens every June that’s worthy of celebration is Father’s Day.

Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of every month and for a lot of people it’s an opportunity to celebrate their own dad (or for dads to enjoy some extra quality time with their kids). But it’s not a happy day for everyone.

Some people will spend the day missing a lost father, while others will have an equally difficult time knowing that their father isn’t contactable for some reason. There are some who’ve also never met their father, or maybe they have an adopted father but have an urge to find their real father.

At EJM Investigations we can’t help with all of these cases, but there are some where our services could be of use. Here’s a guide to some of the ways we can make Father’s Day a little more bearable if you’re missing your own father.

Finding birth parents

If you were adopted as a child, then you may never have known your biological parents. And a lot of adopted children, once they’ve grown up, are interested in finding them even just to find out a little more about what they were like. They might not be seeking a full relationship, but just the chance to say hello and have a conversation.

Finding birth parents isn’t always easy but there are some methods that we can employ for the best chance of success as part of our tracing missing persons service. There’s no guarantee that we’ll be successful, but we can use our research skills to learn more about the details around your birth, and then our contemporary methods to find the person once we’ve identified them.

Locating a father you never knew

It may be that you weren’t adopted but that your father left your mother before you were born, or perhaps your mother left your father and refused to grant him access. If you moved to a different part of the country then it can be tricky to find them on your own.

But again, there’s a chance that we may be able to help. It will be much easier if your mother is cooperative and is able to provide the name of your father (if they know it – one night stands happen) or just any details about the person that they remember.

From there we can use our expertise to try to locate your father and see if they’re willing to get in touch with you.

Reconnecting with a father who left

Unfortunately sometimes, families break apart and it may be that you had a relationship with your dad for a few years before things just didn’t work out and he left, cutting off contact. This can be difficult for any child, especially if the reasons aren’t fully explained to you.

But in these instances we have the best chance of success because you already know some details which give us a head start. Unless they’ve completely changed their identity, which is quite rare, we should be able to find your father a little fast than if we didn’t have anything at all to go on.

Preparing for the worst

Now with any of our services, we have to ask clients to make sure that they’re prepared for news that they might not want to hear. And sometimes that doesn’t mean that we fail to find your father. Sometimes it’s worse when we do find them.

And that’s because, for legal reasons, we can’t find a missing father and then put you in direct contact with them, as that violates their own privacy. Instead, the best that we can do is provide your contact details to them, to give them the chance to get in touch with you if they want to.

And sometimes, they don’t.

So, it’s important that you’re braced for that reaction. A lot of the time, fathers are happy to connect, whether it’s for the first time or to bury the hatchet. But often they may have another family, and they could be worried about disrupting their lives.

It’s a personal choice, if you want to seek out a father that you’re missing – but for many it’s a risk that’s worth taking.

Discretion guaranteed

One thing you can be sure of if you use EJM Investigations to search for a missing father – we guarantee discretion.

We understand that you might be searching for your biological parents without your adopted parents knowing – you may not want to offend them. Or maybe you’re looking for your long-lost dad who split acrimoniously from your mum, and you don’t want to upset her by thinking you’re taking sides.

Any work that we do to find a father, or indeed any missing person, is always done professionally and with caution to avoid alerting anyone that needn’t know. You can relax knowing that we’ll do everything possible to locate them without anyone feeling like their privacy is being invaded either, and everything we do is fully legal. We don’t break laws to get results and everything we do is completely confidential.

There are some methods that we use that may involve speaking to people – contacting relatives or friends, if we have a lead. But rest assured that we would never take action like this without consulting you first and making sure you were comfortable with it.

With all that in mind, if you’re someone who does want to locate their father this June and make their Father’s Day feel a little more special – of if there’s someone else in your life that you’re missing and you can’t get in contact with – then give us a call on 01772 334700 and we’ll see how we can help