Family Together at Christmas

When it comes to mentions of Christmas in October, there are two camps – those who have already done most of their gift shopping, and are delighted to see all the decorations and snacks appearing in the supermarkets even before Halloween has come and gone – and those who resent even thinking about the event before December arrives.

However, by the 1st October, there are already just 84 days until the big day arrives – it really isn’t long at all. So, if you want to do something ‘big’ by Christmas, you need to be organised in advance.

And sometimes, that big thing might be reconnecting with a long-lost friend or relative. So, why should you be starting the work early, rather than leaving those Christmas reconnections until the last minute?

Time Intensive Process

The biggest reason to start looking for those loved ones as soon as possible is because it can be quite a time-intensive process.

Even if you seek the professional help of a private investigator, such as ourselves, that’s no guarantee that we can find someone quickly. In fact, if you need the help of a private investigator in order to find someone, that already suggests that the work is not going to be straightforward, and that it could be some time before you get a result.

If you’re the sort of person who might only start thinking about long-lost family or friends as you near the Christmas season, you might have left it too late to find them before the big day arrives.

Now, of course, loved ones are for life and not just for Christmas- so this wouldn’t be the end of the road for you. If you did hire a PI in December but they could only reconnect you in January or February, then that’s still a positive result.

But wouldn’t it be even better if you were able to enjoy that relationship at the most wonderful time of the year?

So, if you have been umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether to take the step and start the search for that person in your life who you’ve not seen or heard from in years, start as soon as you can.

And maybe you’ll get that Christmas miracle after all.

High Emotions                                      

Christmas is, for many, a time of great happiness. For others, it can be tinged with sadness – especially if they are someone who has lost or severed their connection with their family and friends. And regardless of whether it’s broadly a positive or negative season, it is always – always – a stressful one.

So, if you then add in the high emotions of reconnecting with someone after a long period, that can be overwhelming.

Bear in mind that a private investigator can’t give you the contact details of someone that they find. All that they can do is pass on your details to them, and leave it in their hands if they want to get in touch with you.

Depending on the circumstances of your relationship and how it was paused, that might be something that’s too much for them during the Christmas season. That’s potentially a lot of undue anxiety to add to an already difficult time.

And think about your own emotions too. It might seem exciting to reconnect with your lost loved one, but how will you cope with all those feelings – the excitement, the nerves, the anticipation – it’s a lot to add into a hectic, high-pressure month.

It would probably be healthier all-round if you could start contact sooner, and then build up that relationship.

Risks of Seasonal Disappointment

A lot of people put emotional stock into Christmas – it’s seen as a happy way to close out the year. A good Christmas is fantastic, but one that goes a bit awry can really spoil the mood.

With that in mind, you need to consider whether you want to risk the timing of reconnecting with a loved one.

Two bad things could happen – you may not be able to find them, or they may not want to get back in touch with you.

If the search isn’t successful, it can be deflating. You might have let yourself get carried away with thoughts of an emotional Christmas reunion, and then when it doesn’t happen, it could leave your Christmas feeling flat.

Or, perhaps you are put in touch with your lost loved one, but they aren’t ready to rebuild that relationship yet. The rejection could sour the season for you, and potentially impact future Christmas seasons too, since you would then have memories of that time.

By trying to find someone before we reach December, you can give yourself a higher chance of finding someone, and then if they do decide they won’t wish to contact you, it can happen before you feel like you’re embedded in that Christmas spirit, giving you time to process those feelings and then move into the holidays with, hopefully, acceptance and a brighter outlook.

Professional Help

Seeking professional assistance in finding someone is always the best idea if you want the highest chance of success. But it doesn’t guarantee it.

Still, a private investigator is going to know all of the best tactics and have access to the best resources to help put you in touch with that person you’ve lost contact with.

Hiring a PI as early as possible gives them the chance to put the best plan in place, too. If you’re trying to push for fast results, you might not get an answer you want.

Finding people can take time, even with the skills and expertise of a PI.

So, with all that said – if you’re starting to get those early feelings of missing someone from your life as the dark evenings start to draw in, don’t hang around trying to decide whether to act.

Get in touch with our team today if you want to get the ball rolling and hopefully find that person before the real hectic schedule of December kicks in. Call us on 01772 334700.