With the festive season just around the corner, there are many ways that private investigators can help individuals and businesses. Here are three reasons why people might hire our Preston private investigators in the months before Christmas:

  • An empty space at the table?

Do you have a missing family member? At Christmas, so many families experience the pain of an empty place at the table when they’re serving Christmas dinner. Perhaps your son or daughter moved out and you lost contact, or a sibling stopped getting in touch after a family argument?

Private investigators can help to find missing people, bringing everyone back together for Christmas.

  • Unpaid invoices through the year?

Businesses can get their finances in order before Christmas, by tracing debtors.

You shouldn’t have to spend Christmas worrying about cash flow problems.  So if invoices are unpaid and your debtors are doing all that they can to avoid opening their wallets, it can really help to hire a private investigator to trace your debtors before Christmas.

  • Bringing someone new home?

Christmas is a time when many people introduce their partners to their families. Has your son or daughter brought a new partner over, or are you interested in taking things further with someone you’ve met but are cautious about moving forward?

Pre-nuptial services by a private investigator can be valuable in this situation. We can run background checks on any individual, looking for hidden secrets and details about their past that they might not be honest about.

It pays to be careful, and nobody should enter into a new relationship without knowing exactly what it involves. Does your potential partner have a criminal record, or a son or daughter that they’ve not mentioned? As you sit around the table at Christmas, don’t let suspicions get in the way of enjoying the turkey.

By contacting EJM Investigations on 01772 334 700, you can be assured of a professional private investigation service getting to work before Christmas.

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