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Since 2002 - Over 10 years experience in the private detective and investigation field

Private Investigator and Process Server in Swinton

Private investigators are usually the final port of call for people who feel they have nowhere else to turn. Hence many private detective agencies offer a myriad of services. General investigations, door step enquiries, matrimonial surveillance, counter surveillance and of course Process serving.

EJM Private Detectives and Investigators in Swinton

EJM investigations are no different in the vast range of services offered. However we are different in that we recognise no one detective can be an expert in such a wide variety of roles. When it comes to assisting the public of Swinton EJM investigations will spend the time to understand and recognise what is actually required. We then build a bespoke case plan ensuring every penny of the clients budget is spent wisely. We keep the client updated of progress in the investigation and our flexible approach means we can change the focus of the enquiry as and when new findings dictate.

Based in Preston, Lancashire, EJM Investigations has a Manchester office to serve Swinton, and the surrounding townships of Prestwich, Kearsley, Worsely and Salford, as well as the wider area of Greater Manchester.

EJM Investigations have access to a variety of experts in different fields including surveillance agents, process servers, tracing agents and databases and we source our agents from police, military and civil backgrounds. All our detectives and process servers are experienced and proven to get the job done.

Other than the public the private detectives of EJM investigations are also able to assist solicitors, local Government and commercial clients. We can conduct process serving on a wide range of matters on a local, national and even international level!

Most people approaching us have never instructed a Private detective before but you can rest assured our friendly staff will put you at ease and discuss your case with professionalism and empathy.

Case Study - Swinton

Case Study

Our Manchester based Process servers were approached by a client wishing to have divorce papers served on an estranged husband in Swinton. After speaking with the client it was quickly establish that due to this person’s lifestyle, it would not be a quick, nor easy serve to carry out. For this reason we offered the client a fixed fee process serve to ensure a relatively low cost.

The respondent in the matter was a heroin addict and would not answer the door to his address.

Despite this info our process server still made an attendance at the Swinton address. We managed to speak to a housemate of the respondent and pass on a contact number.

Unsurprisingly no contact was made with our detective. On another occasion our process server attended at a point the housemate was returning to the address. Again he spoke with the housemate who told us that the respondent wanted nothing to do with us. Our agent was going to leave when he noticed the male’s reluctance to enter the property in his presence. He therefore informed the male that he would stand and wait for the respondent. After an hour of loitering the male made numerous texts before we got a call from the respondent. He told us he was working away and would be home the next day. Our agent could now show that the respondent received our note with the phone number on, should it be needed to prove substituted service via letterbox would come to respondent attention.

However it wasn’t needed as the respondent met our process server the next day as agreed and the job was completed.

Case Study 2 - Swinton

Case Study

The private detectives at EJM investigations were approached by a Manchester law firm to assist in a case for one of their clients.

The clients ex-partner was living in the matrimonial home, however she was co-habiting with a male at the address who was not short of money or properties. As such the client needed proof of the living arrangements to allow him to apply to the court to sell the house and release his share of the equity.

Our private detective plotted up near the address early morning to start a period of surveillance.

The address was surrounded by a large perimeter fence and electronic gate so it wasn’t easy to ascertain who, if anyone, was present. Over the course of 2-3 days it became clear that the new partner of the ex-wife was leaving the address at around 6.30am every day.

EJM investigations private detectives were able to get photographic proof of this and continued the surveillance for 5 days. After a few weeks had passed our agents were deployed again to gain a second week’s worth of evidence. After this was completed a discreet approach was made to neighbouring properties to confirm locally what we now knew.

It became a good result for the client as once he made his application to court, and the ex-wife had seen the evidence, the new partner of the wife offered to buy out the client’s share of the house. Not only did he get a quick sale but also a good price. We later received an email thanking us for getting the evidence he knew was there to allow him to move on with his life.

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