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Since 2002 - Over 10 years experience in the private detective and investigation field

Private Detectives in Stretford

EJM Investigations are a private investigation agency set up in Lancashire in 2002. After building a network of private detectives and Process Servers across the North West we are now able to offer a full range of Private investigation services throughout the Stretford area of Greater Manchester, as well as the surrounding regions, including (but not limited to) Sale, Trafford, Chorlton, Carrington and Urmston.

EJM Private Detective agency in Stretford

From private individuals requiring matrimonial surveillance in Stretford, through to multinational firms requesting assistance in Manchester city centre, EJM Investigations has the right people to assist. By looking at each investigation in an individual way we can offer a bespoke service for all investigative needs. Our key aim is not to provide cheap private detective services, but to provide good quality investigations that are legal, thorough and cost effective.

Our services are not restricted to the Manchester area with local government authorities and law firms from across the UK using EJM Investigations for both process serving and investigative enquiries.

Many Law firms are so confident in our ability to get a good job done that they even instruct us on behalf of their clients!

We are not restricted to the corporate sector. We regularly take instruction from private clients from across the UK. This is mainly down to a growing reputation having a full network of well-trained agents with a vast knowledge of investigation work. Whilst many detective agencies boast either ex-police or ex-military EJM Investigations network of agents includes people from both backgrounds. The owner of the company has neither though, having always practised in the private sector allowing him a deeper understanding of what the private client requires.

We don’t use cheap agents in the hope of making a large fee for ourselves, relying on experienced agents who are well trained and in many cases have a particular expertise relevant to the client’s needs. Even if you are not in our area, we can provide a local agent that we know will keep our reputation.

Many people who phone us point out it is their first time of using a Private investigator. Don’t worry, our aim is to reassure you and guide you through the process at all stages. Whether you require a Private detective for surveillance, general investigations, Process serving or to trace a missing person EJM investigations can assist you if you call today on 0161 706 0135

Case Study - Stretford

Case Study

It is not always the client who comes to us when we get instructed to serve legal documents, particularly where private individuals are concerned. One such incidence was when our Process server attended the courts in Manchester to swear an affidavit relating to service of Documents in a county court case he just happened to get talking to a couple who were issuing their own claim for a personal matter. After paying Bailiffs to attempt service and not having any luck they were at a loss how to progress and the court staff weren’t in much of a helpful mood.

Our Process server identified himself explained our fees and the fact that the documents in question could actually be served by posting them at the address once continued residence was confirmed. They were happy with this and duly instructed us to attend.

Upon attending at the respondents address in Stretford the house was found to be empty. Local enquiries carried out by the process server revealed that one of the 2 respondents had a van marked up for some form of self-employed building work. From there it wasn’t long before our detectives had tracked down a new address for the pair of respondent and had the documents served on them.

The young lady who had instructed us was so pleased, she went to work on the Monday singing our praises. This caught the attention of her boss who provided us with a volume of work serving Statutory Demands on some of their debtors.

Case Study 2 - Stretford

Case Study

When approached by private clients, most of them already have a good idea about how they want us to proceed and the quickest way for us to get them the result. Unfortunately, some aren’t willing to listen to our expert investigators advice on how to proceed legally, and we part company pretty quickly.

We were approached by a private individual in the Stretford area of Manchester who wanted our private detectives to hack her ex partner’s mobile phone. Apparently he was something of a wrong one and she wanted proof he was involved in drug dealing and other illegal activities as part of a custody battle. Thankfully this individual did listen to our investigator and we explained that phone hacking was illegal and would be expensive if she found someone willing to do it. And not only would the evidence be inadmissible, she could face charges and the other party would likely win the case.

Another issue is that drug dealers are often surveillance aware, and the resources needed to put them under surveillance are out of reach for the average client.

Once our investigators had looked through the legal paperwork it was noticed the other party was receiving funding from the legal services commission (formerly Legal Aid). Thanks to our detectives having a lot of dealing with court matters, we knew that this funding is difficult to get so the other party must be claiming benefits. We spoke with the client who said he didn’t claim anything and had a job on a building site. We sent a surveillance operative to the site to obtain evidence of the target working over the course of a few weeks. This was then reported to the DWP and the LSC.

Within a few weeks the ex-partner dropped the case, we assume because he’d lost his benefits and LSC funding and couldn’t afford to continue.

The client told our private detectives that she had offered the ex-partner contact but he never bothered. Obviously the court action was more out of malice than a want of the child.

Whilst we don’t carry out phone hacking we are aware it occurs and the approximate costs of doing so. In some cases it may be cheaper in the short term, but ultimately you’ll get in trouble with the law, and the evidence gathered is inadmissible anyway.

In this case our Stretford based private detectives actually did the job legally for less than the cost of the illegal methods.

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