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Since 2002 - Over 10 years experience in the private detective and investigation field

Private Detective Ashton Under Lyne

EJM Investigations are able to offer a full range of private investigation services throughout Ashton Under Lyne and the surrounding vicinities of Droylsden, Audenshaw, Dunkinfield and Stalybridge, as well as across the wider Greater Manchester area.

Private Investigator in Ashton Under Lyne

With a team of experienced detectives on hand we can boast expertise in a number of investigative fields.

Process Serving, investigative enquiries, surveillance and vehicle tracking are just a few of the ways we may be able to assist.

At EJM Investigations we have based our business model, not on being cheap, but being cost effective. We will always discuss up front what our client needs, and the possible ways to reach a successful conclusion. Our investigations target the clients aims in order to bring about a successful conclusion.

Once any investigation has reached its conclusion we will present our evidence as the client requests. Pictures and video can be sent electronically or in printed format. Statements can be provided if necessary to assist in court cases. Our experienced investigators will know early on what level of proof is required to bring the case to an end and will focus solely on achieving this.

The nature of private investigations means that you never know how a case will progress. However by choosing EJM Investigations you can be assured that you will get 100% discretion. Our highly trained detectives and process servers will carry out any enquiry with the utmost confidentiality and in the most cost effective manner, whether it is surveillance, process serving or online database enquiries.

As well as across the wider greater Manchester area, and if necessary the UK and abroad.

If you feel you may need to instruct a Manchester private investigator or a process server but are unsure where to begin then call us now on 0161 706 0135 for a FREE initial consultation.

Case Study - Ashton Under Lyne

Case Study

It is becoming more usual to receive instruction to carry out process service directly from the litigant, rather than through solicitors, and that is exactly what happened in this case. Our client had issued court papers to claim back some money owed. He had attempted service himself but not been successful as the respondent lived in a secure building and refused to open the door to the client.

Our Process server attended the address in Ashton under lyne and went about things in a different manner. Rather than use the buzzer for the respondent, he buzzed a neighbour. Explaining he had a letter to post and needed access to the building he was let in. The respondent obviously let his guard down and upon having a knock directly on his front door he answered to be met with service of papers.

Case Study 2 - Ashton Under Lyne

Case Study

We were approached by a regular client in the Ashton area of Manchester city. They had an employee who was claiming an injury at work and had gone off on sick leave. An initial days surveillance showed the employee was capable of driving, and despite a “shoulder injury” was seen to carry shopping in both hands.

At this point it was unclear to what extent the employee was claiming to be injured.

It was advised to the client to carry out short periods of surveillance periodically until such a time that the employee either returned to work, or claimed against them for his injury.

Ultimately the employee returned to working for the Manchester based company after a week saying he just needed to rest his arm.

Our investigators evidence showed that both at the beginning and end of his sick leave he was capable of using his arm. The client decided against confronting thre employee in this instance, but held our report on file to assist with any future claims against them.

As well as Ashton our private detectives are happy to work throughout the following areas:

Audenshaw Denton Droylsden
Dunkinfield Hollingworth Hyde
Mossley Stalybridge